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Origami Basket

Origami Basket


Discover our origami basket!
An original and unique creation crafted by Matthieu M, using wax fabrics. This foldable basket is a practical and aesthetic way to organize all kinds of objects.


Its design combines the ancient tradition of origami with the vibrancy of wax patterns, adding a cultural touch to your living space. Practical and elegant, this versatile accessory fits into any style and provides an elegant solution to organize your daily life.


100% Hand made in our studio in Beirut!

Folded 30x30cm by 4cm high

Unfolded 30x30cm by 55cm high  (alike a laundry bag)

Folded in a way to tap the basket 30x30cm by 30cm high  (alike a closed box)

  • Shipping and payment

    Our commitment to sustainability gets beyond the product itself. That’s why we ship every item using recycled materials (no plastic), making sure its safety during the shipment.


    Payment via Paypal only, which also permits payment via credit cards.

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