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Ever since he was a child, Matthieu has focused on the design and architectural world.

He’s always been an inspired, curious, and passionate man who finally reconnected himself to a more handcrafted type of work.

His love for his designs is all in the direct relation to his clients.

Today, as a fashion designer, he recently launched his first Ready-To-Wear collection

in New York. His line is dedicated to the active, feminine woman, who wants to express herself through the way she dresses. She knows what design means, while understanding and appreciating the craftsmanship behind every piece of clothing.

The Atemporal collection is made of strong lines and subtle colors. Matthieu keeps
in mind the idea of superposition and asymmetry, which accentuate the female body.

There’s a sleek style for any occasion in comfortable fabrics that are easy to care for.

Everything is ethically made in New York in a very limited edition.

Sales for the collection are by invitation only, taking place during private fashion events held in cozy locations, recreating the intimate atmosphere as it was in the 1950’s by many great Parisian fashion designers.

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