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Contemporary Indigo Throw Blanket

Contemporary Indigo Throw Blanket


This throw has a very chic and trendy look, throw over a couch or chair to add a splash of color and provide warmth on a cold night.

Dyed by Matthieu M and completely handmade in his studio in New York.
Super soft, luxurious, unique, and one of its kind.

Dyed linen in a beautiful variety of indigo blues. Blend yellow wool on the backside.
Kakishibu yellow stitching adds beauty to this unique piece! A must-have.
Dry cleaning only

40 in. x 50 in.  (about 2 in. thick)
100x130 cm

  • Shipping and payment

    Our commitment to sustainability gets beyond the product itself. That’s why we ship every item using recycled materials (no plastic), making sure its safety during the shipment.


    Payment via Paypal only, which also permits payment via credit cards.

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