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An innovative, curious, and passionate designer inspired by graphic design and architecture, Matthieu M developed a love of textures, colors, and shapes at an early age. This love sparked a desire to elevate classic design elements where women are the muse for his work. His designs reflect influences from his time living in Japan, Paris, Madrid, New York,... 

In 2017, Matthieu M launched his first Ready-To-Wear Atemporal collection in New York. The line is dedicated to the active, feminine woman with a desire for self-expression through fashion. She has an eye for design while understanding and appreciating the craftsmanship behind every piece. His collection showcases strong lines and subtle colors with an emphasis on superposition and asymmetry, a sleek style for any occasion in comfortable, easy-care fabrics. Each garment is ethically-made, in limited editions, and comes from a small group of local tailors and seamstresses. 


To enhance his collection, Matthieu M adds a contemporary Maison line that is an homage to fine craftsmanship, ranging from pottery and cushions to notebooks and scarves. 


An independent, self-made talent, Matthieu M continues his journey going beyond fashion with a yearning for new skills, inspirations, and techniques from various cultures. He travels to different countries, where each destination is a voyage of discovery. Today, based in Beirut - Lebanon, his studio is part curated design house, part laboratory.

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